• External Aerodynamics: Cartesian grid with SGGR (Sub Grid Geometry Resolution) technology allows catching most complex
    body surfaces and one-button replacement of geometries for revision works in projects. Additionally, high resolution and orthogonal boundary layer meshes can be generated on boundaries by using OBL method of FlowVision. Thanks to aforementioned and additional capabilities; FlowVision is extensively used for various external aerodynamics simulations in aviation industry such as

    • calculation of aerodynamic forces & coefficients,

    • engine intake & hull optimization,658x480_FlowVisionCFD_NACA_Airfoil

    • aerodynamic compatibility investigation and detailed flow investigation of wakes, separation points and turbulence onset.


  • Subsonic, Transonic and Supersonic Flows: FlowVision’s general Navier-Stokes solver is capable of resolving subsonic, transonic, supersonic and hypersonic flows. This avoids necessity of using different solvers in a solution. Users are not expected to manually address regions of different flow regimes and shock generation points.
  • Simulation of Moving Flaps, Landing Gears, etc: FlowVision’s advanced moving body technology on Cartesian grid allows any type of rotational and translational body motions including inertial force and movement calculations. In this context, dynamic coefficients can be obtained through transient simulations where angle of attack is changing dynamically. In case of very small clearances occurring in regions like flap-wing interfaces; FlowVision’s unique gap model is applied to resolve these clearances which are almost impossible to mesh with traditional approaches.
  • Store Separation and Cavity Calculations: In FlowVision, 6-DOF motion of objects can be defined or calculated dependent on external and aerodynamic forces. Meshing technology allows for objects to partially.
  • Conjugate Heat Transfer
  • Thermal Resistance between Electronic Components
  • Water Landing & Splashdown
  • Engine Intake and Hull Optimization

Energia_Emergency_PU_2014_2033434   Fighter_Release_Stability   Store_separation_FlowVision_gif

Nacelle Optimization

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