Since 2004 based on the user feedbacks, CapVidia’s FlowVision Team has introduced a new generation hassle free installation to facilitate a smooth transition. The installation is divided into three parts:

  1. Installation of the up to date packages (FlowVision HPC and FlowVision License Manager) provided by the local contact point
  2. Creating an *.rdb file after the first run of FlowVision
  3. Sending the *.rdb file to your local contact point and feeding in the *.lic file to FlowVision within Pre-Post Processor module. Your license file will be supplied based on your *.rdb file.


Overview of Resources

The up to date version of FlowVision is 3.09.05.

  • The user’s guide can be downloaded by clicking here.
  • The tutorial document can be downloaded by clicking here.


Technical Support

Under normal circumstances, the technical support service is responding to well prepared inquiries within 3-5 hours. However, contacting your local support team may increase the response performance depending on the complexity of the issue you are facing. FlowVision technical team provides undoubtedly the best care for customers. The support details will be provided by your local contact point.