FlowVision CFD – Blood Flow in Vein with Stent Placement

In this video, blood flow in a human vein is modeled. During the course of calculations, enlarged stent and corresponding blockage geometries are automatically imported into FlowVision accompanied by automatic superposition of the flow field.

Grid is automatically generated and adaptations take place depending on the stent geometries. The main purpose of this video is to demonstrate the possibility and easiness of preparing such project with replacement of bodies only in half an hour of time. Much finer grid elements can be used with the same approach without any manual user efforts.

Blood behaves as Newtonian material but FlowVision also allows modeling non-Newtonian materials.

In this task, enlargement of stent and shrinking of blockage is investigated in only 3 steps. However, to increase accuracy, desired number of steps can be used with exactly the same approach.

For similar tasks, FlowVision can be coupled with SIMULIA Abaqus for a 2-way strongly coupled FSI simulation where the stent enlargement and blockage shrinkage are calculated in FE environment.